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Validation of uranium determination in urine by ICP-MS



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C. Bouvier-Capely, N. Baglan, A. Montègue, J. Ritt, C. Cossonnet

Health Phys 85(2):216-219


A rapid procedure - dilution of urine+ICP-MS measurement - for the determination of uranium in urine was validated. Large ranges of concentration and isotopic composition were studied on urine samples excreted by occupationally exposed workers. The results were consistent with those obtained by fluorimetry and by a spectrometry after a purification procedure, two currently used techniques. However, the proposed procedure is limited for determination of the minor isotope 234U. Thus for worker monitoring, the conversion of 234U mass concentration into activity concentration can lead to an erroneous value of the effective dose, in particular for a contamination at very low level with highly enriched uranium. A solution to avoid this hazard is to perform a chemical purification prior to ICP-MS measurement to lower uncertainty and detection limit for 234U.