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Dosimètre individuel électronique pour les neutrons: Saphydose-n



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Lahaye, T.; Cutarella, D.; Menard, S.; Rannou, A.; Bolognese-Milsztajn, T. Radioprotection, (Apr-Jun 2000) v. 35(no.2) p. 223-230

Type de document > *Article de revue

Mots clés > dosimétrie externe, neutrons

Unité de recherche > Laboratoire de recherches en dosimétrie externe (LRDE)


Date de publication > 01/04/2000


Personal neutron dosimetry represents one of the current difficulties in the field of radiological protection of workers. Since March 1999, the regulatory requirements for 'active' (i.e. operational) dosimetry have been those of ICRP Publication 60, applicable from May 2000, necessitating the introduction of a new generation of neutron dosimeters. Over the last few years, the Institute for Nuclear Safety and Protection (irsn) has been studying an electronic personal dosimeter for neutrons, capable of meeting the specifications laid down by a neutron dosimetry-working group including members from all the main players in the French nuclear industry. In 1998, the irsn began transferring technology to the company Saphymo which, by the end of 2000, will be marketing Saphydose-n, the first personal dosimeter for neutrons complying with IEC 1323. This dosimeter is of compact design and can assess the personal dose equivalent Hp(10) in mixed neutron and gamma radiation fields. It will be usable in any nuclear facility without prior knowledge of the average neutron spectrum or the neutron-gamma ratio. It will be possible to connect the Saphydose-n dosimeter to any of the existing gamma dosimeter terminals to read the dose data and recharge the batteries.