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Rannou A. Radioprotection,(Oct-Dec 1999) v. 34(no.4) p. 505-519

Type de document > *Article de revue

Mots clés > radioprotection, dosimétrie externe, dosimétrie interne, irradiation naturelle, public, radon

Unité de recherche > Service de dosimétrie (SDOS)

Auteurs > RANNOU Alain

Date de publication > 01/10/1999


Our knowledge of the natural sources of radiation has been considerably improved since the last fifteen years. Nowadays it is possible to assess precisely the average doses received by individuals. The major uncertainties which are associated to the dose estimates may be attributed to the uncertainties on the exposure-to-dose conversion factors given by the dosimetric models. Radon is certainly the radionuclide for which the uncertainties are the most important, but doses originating from cosmic rays and ingested radionuclides are also difficult to assess.