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The dose coefficients data base ECRIN



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Perrin, Marie-Line; Despres, Alain
IRPA-10: 10. international congress of the International Radiation Protection Association Hiroshima (Japan) 14-19 May 2000, P-4b-229

Type de document > *Congrès/colloque

Mots clés > radioprotection, bases de données, dose

Unité de recherche > Section d'analyse et d'expertise en radioprotection (SAER)

Auteurs > DESPRES Alain, PERRIN Marie-Line

Date de publication > 14/05/2000


A dose coefficients data base has been developed by IRSN with the aim to provide valid and referenced values allowing to make coherent and tracable dose calculations. The structure of the application software allows the scientific data base administrator to put in data published by different international organisms and under various formats. Then any user can find in ECRIN as well internal as external, equivalent and effective dose coefficients for workers and public members. Different pathways such as inhalation, ingestion, ground contamination, air or water submersion are considered. ECRIN can be used for risk assessment, expertise, optimisation or emergency situations.