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Un outil pedagogique en dosimetrie interne sous forme d'un cederom: calliope



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Le Guen, B.; Berard, Ph.; Perrin, M.L.; Malarbet, J.L.; Roy, M.; Metivier, H. ;Lirsac, P.N. ; Be, M.M. ; Gibert, B.
Radioprotection (Apr-Jun) v. 35(no.2) p. 231-237


An interactive database in CD-ROM format was developed, called CALLIOPE. This tool provides a means for evaluating internal dosimetry and interpreting the results of the monitoring, both in routine and accidental situations. This practical tool is intended to enable implementation of future regulations and to provide training for a large number of persons with respect to internal dosimetry. It contains information published in seven main Publications of ICRP and an access to the nuclear data base NUCLEIDE. This source of information makes it possible to apply the European Directive respecting the new limits and provides assistance in validation of internal dose assessments.