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An overview on extremity dosimetry in medical applications



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Titre de la revue : Radiation Protection Dosimetry Volume : 129 N° : 1-3 Pagination : 350-355 Date de publication : 29/04/2008


Some activities of EURADOS Working Group 9 (WG9) are presently funded by the European Commission (CONRAD project). The objective of WG9 is to promote and coordinate research activities for the assessment of occupational exposures to staff at workplaces in interventional radiology and nuclear medicine. For some of these applications the skin of the fingers is the limiting organ from the point of view of the individual monitoring of external radiation. Therefore subgroup 1 of WG9 deals with the use of extremity dosemeters in medical radiation fields. The wide variety of radiation field characteristics present in a medical environment together with the difficulties of measuring a local dose that is representative for the maximum skin dose, usually with one single detector, makes it difficult to perform extremity dosimetry with an accuracy similar to whole-body dosimetry.
Sub-group 1 worked out a thorough literature review on extremity dosimetry issues in diagnostic and therapeutic nuclear medicine and PET, interventional radiology and cardiology and brachytherapy.