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Characterization of the IRSN facility CANEL/T400 producing realistic neutron fields for calibration and test purposes.



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V. Gressier, V. Lacoste, L. Lebreton, H. Muller, G. Pelcot ( IRSN), M. Bakali, F. Fernandez, M. Tomas (Universitat autonoma de Barcelona), N.J Roberts, D. J Thomas (National physical laboratory, UK), M. Reginatto, B. Wiegel, J. Wittstock (Physikalisch technische bundesanstalt, Germany) 19/02/2004.

Type de document > *Rapport/contribution à GT (papier ou CD-Rom)

Mots clés > neutrons

Unité de recherche > IRSN/DRPH/SDE/LMDN

Auteurs > GRESSIER Vincent, LACOSTE Véronique, LEBRETON Léna, MULLER Hubert, PELCOT Gérard

Date de publication > 01/04/2004


The new CANEL/T400 facility has been set-up at the Institute for Radiological Protection and Nuclear Safety (IRSN) to produce realistic neutron fields. The accurate characterization of the neutron field is mandatory since it is intended that this facility will be used as a reference neutron source. For this reason an international measuring campaign, involving four laboratories with expertise in neutron metrology and spectrometry, was organized through a collaborative EUROMET project. Measurements were performed with Bonner sphere systems to determine the energy distribution of the neutron fluence over the whole energy range. Additional measurements were performed with proton recoil detectors to provide detailed information in the energy region above 90 keV. The results from all measurements are in agreement with each other and are compared with a calculation performed with the MCNP4C Monte-Carlo simulation code. As a conclusion of the exercise, a reliable characterization of the CANEL/T400 neutron field is obtained.

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