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Monte Carlo calculations and validation of a gold foil-based Bonner sphere system



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Titre du congrès :NEUDOS 10 
Ville du congrès :Uppsala
Date du congrès :12/06/2006
Titre de la revue : Radiation Protection Dosimetry 126 issue 1-4 Pages 366-370

Type de document > *Congrès/colloque

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Unité de recherche > IRSN/DRPH/SDE/LMDN

Auteurs > AMGAROU Khalil, BOUASSOULE T., DOMINGO Concepcion, FERNANDEZ Francisco, LACOSTE Véronique, MULLER Hubert

Date de publication > 01/08/2007


The Grup de Física de les Radiacions (GFR) of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB), in collaboration with the Institute for Radiological Protection and Nuclear Safety (IRSN), has developed a passive Bonner sphere system (UAB-BSS), with gold foils as thermal neutron detectors, for application in pulsed neutron fields or in mixed neutron–photon fields with high photon intensities. In such fields, active devices suffer from saturation and dead-time effects. The MCNPX Monte-Carlo code has been used to determine the response to neutrons of different energies of each polyethylene sphere belonging to the BSS. The passive UAB-BSS system was characterised with the ISO 252Cf reference source at the IRSN facilities. The energy distribution of the reference source neutron fluence was folded with the response functions for comparison with the experimental data. A good agreement between the experimental and calculated count rates was found.