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Réponse angulaire d'un spectomètre silicium auprès de différentes sources de rayonnement.



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František Spurný, François Trompier and Jean-François Bottollier-Depois
Radiation Measurement, Volume 39, Issue 3, June 2005, Pages 323-327

Type de document > *Article de revue

Mots clés > radioprotection, spectrométrie

Unité de recherche > IRSN/DRPH/SDE/LDRI

Auteurs > BOTTOLLIER-DEPOIS Jean-François, TROMPIER François

Date de publication > 01/06/2005


An MDU-Liulin spectrometer based on an Si-diode was mainly used during the last few years with the goal to use them for measurements onboard aircraft. To investigate its ability to obtain such measurements, the detector was tested in some radiation reference fields, like 60Co and other photon beams, neutrons of an AmBe and 252Cf sources and in high-energy radiation fields at CERN. Due to the high geometrical asymmetry of the Si-diode semiconductor, an angular dependence of the response would be expected. This work presents analyses and discusses the results of angular dependence studies obtained at the different radiation sources mentioned. It was found that these angular dependences vary with the type and energy of radiation. The influence of these variations on the use as a dosimeter onboard aircraft is also studied and discussed.

a Department of Radiation Dosimetry, Nuclear Physics Institute, Acad. of Sci. of the Czech Republic, Na Truhlár?ce 39/64, Prague 18086 Praha 8, Czech Republic
b External Dosimetry Department, Inst. Radiat. Protect. Nucl. Safety, Fontenay-aux-Roses