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Monte Carlo modelling for in vivo measurements of americium in a knee voxel phantom: general criteria for an international comparison



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Titre de la revue : Radiation Protection Dosimetry Volume : 127 N° : 1-4 Pagination : 245-248 Date de publication : 01/11/2007

Type de document > *Article de revue

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Unité de recherche > IRSN/DRPH/SDI/LEDI

Auteurs > DE CARLAN Loïc, FRANCK Didier, GOMEZ-ROS Jose Maria, GUALDRINI Gianfranco, LIS Mercedes, LOPEZ Maria Antonia, MORALEDA Montserrat, ZANKL Maria

Date de publication > 01/11/2007


The general criteria and the scientific approach adopted for an 'International comparison on Monte Carlo modelling for in vivo measurement of Americium in a knee phantom' that is being organised within the EU Coordination Action CONRAD (Coordinated Network for Radiation Dosimetry) are described her. Detection system and a knee voxel phantom based on a computerised axial tomography of the Spitz anthropometric knee phantom with a homogeneous distribution of 241Am in bone have been considered for the simulation of three specific situations: (a) a single Low Energy Germanium detector for a point 241Am source in air; (b) the calculation of photon fluence spectra in air around the voxel phantom; and (c) the calculation of the energy distribution of pulses and peak detection efficiency in the real detection system geometry.