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Impacts économiques et sociaux des accidents nucléaires sur le secteur agricole



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Brenot, J.; Hubert, P. Workshop of Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA)/Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) Fontenay-aux-Roses (France) 12-14 Jun 1995 Agricultural Aspects of Nuclear and/or Radiological Emergency Situations Les aspects agricoles des situations d'urgence nucleaire et/ou radiologique Paris (France) LES EDITIONS DE L'OCDE 1997 194 p. p. 119-131, in French


The economic and social impact of a major nuclear accident on the agricultural sector are reviewed. The associated costs are evaluated by more or less proper methods depending on the duration and severity of the post accident situation. Calculating such costs is necessary in order to allow farmers, farm-food enterprises, and public authorities to define the indemnification levels as well as to identify means of minimizing the accident consequences. The indemnification procedures are described in a section dedicated to liability issues and the costs due to Chernobyl accident. Concerning the limitation of accident consequences the responsibility falls upon the public authorities. In regard for decision making the existent methods vary according to the situation complexity and proposed objectives. Examples are given to point out the costs and social impact