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Évaluation dosimétrique du rayonnement cosmique au dôme C (Antarctique)



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E. Gaillard-Lecanu, F. Trompier, Q. Chau, J.F. Bottollier-Depois And F. Spurný

Radioprotection 2002, Vol. 37, n°2, pages 173 à 180.


Dosimetry measurements of the cosmic rays carried out at the French base located at "dôme C" (Antarctic). Between 1999 and 2001, the Institut de radioprotection et de sûreté nucléaire (IRSN) has carried out dosimetry measurements for the Institut français pour la recherche et la technologie polaire (IFRTP), in order to estimate the dose received by the staff working at the "dôme C" (Antarctic), on the forthcoming base CONCORDIA. This dose is almost due to cosmic rays. Thermoluminescent detectors have been used to measure the part of the dose expected from particles with low energy transfer (LET). The contribution of high LET particles to the whole dose has been estimated both by direct measurements using track detectors, and from the low LET component, by extrapolation of its result. The relative contribution of low LET and high LET particles to the total dose equivalent can be deduced from the altitude of "dôme C". Results are presented in term of effective dose, which is estimated, for one year spent at "dôme C", to 2.1 mSv.