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Implications de l'approche microdosimétrique pour la dosimétrie de radioprotection



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Pihet, P.; Aubineau-Laniece, I.; Bottollier-Depois, J.F.; Rannou, A. ;Bardies, M. S.F.R.P.99 congres national de radioprotection, 313 p. p. 267-268. Rapport INIS-FR-152


The use of concept such dose equivalent puts difficulties in the case of non uniform exposure to ionizing radiations. These situations are not exceptional. They concern the external exposures to radiations such neutrons, ions, for which the energy is absorbed in cells. The dose distribution delivered to cells is generally non uniform in case of exposure to radioisotopes incorporated and kept in tissues that are alpha, or beta or Auger electrons emitters. The notion of average dose to the tissue or organ and the approach to weight the radiation quality can become difficult to apply. The applicability of the actual dosimetric system can be matter of discussion, on the validity of a simple relationship between the dose equivalent and the average absorbed dose, on the value fixed for the weighting factor or on the method to adopt for a quantitative evaluation of an internal non uniform exposure.

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