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Issues in Decommissioning and Remediation of Nuclear Legacy Sites



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Titre du congrès :Nato Advanced Research Workshop "Challenges in Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Regulation of the Nuclear Legacy" Ville du congrès :Ershovo Date du congrès :25/09/2007

Type de document > *Congrès/colloque

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Unité de recherche > IRSN/DSDRE/DRI

Auteurs > CESSAC Bruno, DEREGEL Christian, FRANCOIS Patrice, PERES Jean-Marc

Date de publication > 27/09/2007


This document is organised in 5 chapters. The first chapter presents general statements on the different situations to be considered when dealing with nuclear legacy; it can be former nuclear, industrial, research, educational or medical facilities having used nuclear or radioactive material or sites where such facilities were installed. The second chapter presents the specificities of the dismantling of a nuclear installation and the French regulatory framework to be applied (radiological protection, waste management). The third chapter deals with the management of radioactive waste and radioactive releases during dismantling of a nuclear installation including conditioning and disposal. The fourth chapter presents the methodology used in France for the remediation of sites polluted by radioactive substances (guidelines, computer codes). The fifth chapter presents briefly the organisation of the dismantling site of a French submarine for waste management purposes.