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Upgrading of the Ukrainian NPPs and the "2+2" approach applied for the licensing of the major modifications



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A. Gorbatchev, D. Goetsch, V. Redko, A. Madonna, Eurosafe, Berlin, 4-5 novembre 2002, Rapport IRSN-DES/550

Type de document > *Rapport/contribution à GT (papier ou CD-Rom), *Congrès/colloque

Mots clés > sûreté, VVER

Unité de recherche > Service d'évaluation des risques et des systèmes (SERS)

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Date de publication > 04/11/2002


Many of planned for Ukrainian VVER plants upgrading measures are financed by the European Union through TACIS, as for example: · replacement of pressurizer safety valves, adding new safety functions · replacement of steam generator safety valves · modernisation of the containment's sump filters · improvement of the liquid radioactive waste treatment systems · modernisation of the Steam Generator level control The Ukrainian National Regulatory Authorities (SNRCU) and the Operating organisation (NAEK) have established the main steps of the licensing of these measures implementation. The licensing procedure includes the following main steps: · conceptual decision on modification, · technical specification on tendering, · decision on equipment mounting, · decision on commissioning. This report presents the principles applied for "2+2" approach as well as a summary overview of the main recommendations given by RISKAUDIT to the SNRCU in the frame of the licensing process.