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La Recherche européenne sur le risque Hydrogène dans le Réseau d'Excellence SARNET



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Titre du congrès :ICAPP 2008 - International Conference on Advances in Nuclear Power Plants
Ville du congrès :Anaheim
Date du congrès :08/06/2008


The paper describes European research on issues concerning hydrogen behaviour in containment within the SARNET network of excellence. The hydrogen combustion and associated risk mitigation have been studied, concentrating on the formation of combustible gas mixtures in containments, its local gas composition and potential combustion modes, including the reaction kinetics inside catalytic recombiners. The potential hydrogen distribution in different parts of the containment has been investigated, with the objective of assessing the formation of combustible gas mixtures taking into account the effect of mitigation systems such as sprays or recombiners. Due to its influence on hydrogen distribution, steam condensation is also being investigated.