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Overview of main IRSN activities on reactor safety research



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C. Caroli, B. Chaumont, C. Getrey, B. Adroguer, B. Clément, M. Faury, J. Papin, J.P. Van Dorsselaere, N. Tricot,

ATW International Journal for Nuclear Power, mai 2004,

Rapport IRSN-DSR/23



Safety research for nuclear power plants has been performed for more than 25 years at the French “Institut de Radioprotection et de Sûreté Nucléaire” (IRSN). A wide base of knowledge has been developed through various national and international research programmes characterised by a number of co-operations with national and international actors. This knowledge is the main basis of the technical support provided by IRSN to the French Safety Authority. Presently, there is till a need to fill remaining gaps in knowledge and it is important to preserve research capabilities and infrastructures to support future research programmes for operating and future reactors. This paper gives a non-exhaustive view of the IRSN R&D efforts in the fields of design basis accidents, severe accidents and fire risk in nuclear installations. International co-operation is also illustrated by contributions to the EURATOM and OECD programmes. Main IRSN perspectives on safety research conclude the paper.