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Status of IRSN level 2 PSA



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E. Raimond, C. Caroli, B. Chaumont, M. Durin,

CSNI/WG-Risk, Workshop level 2 PSA and severe accident management, Cologne, 29-31 mars 2004,

Rapport IRSN-DSR/20


The paper first presents general objectives, steps of development and elements of methodology of the 900 MWe PWR level 2 PSA achieved by the IRSN.

It then highlights some of the most important specificities of the IRSN study: a detailed level 1 to level 2 interface, use of so-called physical models to represent physical phenomena in the Accident Progression Event Tree (APET), a specific and detailed model to assess containment leakage through penetrations, an on line simplified model physical model to estimate the radioactive releases and a powerful dedicated software for the APET quantification.