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A 3D model for eddy current tubing inspection



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V. Maillot, F. Buvat, D. Premel, G. Pichenot, T. Sollier,

4th International Conference on NDE in relation to Structural Integrity for Nuclear and Pressurized Components,

Rapport DSR 45


Eddy current (EC) testing is widely used in the nuclear industry for the inspection of Steam Generator (SG). The development of new inspection procedures and their qualification can be very time consuming and expensive if this process is based only on an experimental approach. The simulation of EC testing can be an efficient and cost-effective way for the design of new probes and the evaluation of their capabilities. It can also be used to evaluate the application of industrial probes to new configurations of inspection such as deposit or tube wear. The CEA has developed a 3D model based on a Volume Integral (VIM) approach for the simulation of EC tubing inspection. This model can be used for the simulation of EC signals from various probes. In this paper, the response of a bobbin coil to various flaws including wears is simulated and compared to experimental data. The effect of the probe wobble in the tube is also investigated. This work was partly supported by the French safety authorities (IRSN). This EC simulation tool is connected to the CIVA NDT-platform.