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Safety management in a competitiveness context



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Titre du congrès :EUROSAFE Forum 2008 Ville du congrès :Paris Date du congrès :03/11/2008

Type de document > *Congrès/colloque

Mots clés > compétitivité, management de la sûreté

Unité de recherche > IRSN/DSR/SEFH

Auteurs > ROUSSEAU Jean-Marie

Date de publication > 04/11/2008


This paper summarizes the first assessment performed by the IRSN related to the management of French power water reactors (PWR) safety. The conclusions of this assessment were submitted to the "advisory committee" (Groupe Permanent) in April 2008. After an introduction reminding the French industrial and regulatory context as well as the way the assessment has been conducted, the relationship between safety and competitiveness is briefly discussed. Then the main issues and recommendations pointed out by the IRSN assessment are presented. These concern in particular: the balance between the shift operation team and the outage project team; the real-time decision-making capabilities of plant managers; the lessons learnt from the analyses of decision-making processes; the management of cultural changes. Finally, a conclusion presents a global diagnosis in terms of strengths and weaknesses of the EDF safety management system and proposes some lightings regarding the "priority given to safety", the meaning of safety used by operative people and the continuous improvement approach. Lastly, methodological lessons are pointed out.