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ICDE Project. Brief presentation of an international collaboration on collecting and analysing CCF events



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J. Tirira,

Eurosafe, Paris, 25-26 novembre 2003,

Rapport IRSN-DSR/5

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Date de publication > 17/12/2003


This paper presents a summary of the International Common Cause Data Exchange project (ICDE), which is operating under the umbrella of the OECD/NEA. This project was established to encourage multilateral co-operation in the collection and analysis of data relating to common cause failure (CCF) events. IRSN and GRS actively take part in this project since its beginning and support it substantially. The ICDE operates with a clear separation of the collection and analysis activities. In the first stage of the project, emphasis has been put on the collection activities. The data collection and qualitative analysis result in qualitative CCF information that can be used for the assessment of the effectiveness of defences against CCF events and of the importance of CCF events in the PSA framework. The qualitative insights on CCF events generated by the task force are made available to CSNI countries through external reporting. Up to now, data analysis and exchange have been performed for Centrifugal Pumps, Diesel Generators, Motor-operated Valves, Safety Relief Valves, Check Valves and Batteries. Final reports for Centrifugal Pumps, Diesel Generators, Motor-operated valves and Safety Relief Valves have been published. The information presented in this paper is property of countries participating in ICDE project. Members' countries participating are:  Canada (CNSC), Finland  (STUK), France (IRSN), Germany (GRS), Japan (NUPEC), Korea (KAERI), Spain (CSN), Sweden (SKI), Switzerland (HSK), United Kingdom (NII), United States (NRC).