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Measurement of particle reentrainment from a powder deposit in an horizontal airflow.



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European Aerosol Conference EAC 2001 / 03-07 septembre 2001, Leipzig (Allemagne).


Particle reentrainment by airflow is important in many fields like nuclear safety, environmental air pollution, sediment transport by wind or surface contamination in semiconductor operations. A number of theoretical and experimental studies cover different aspects of this complex phenomenon (Ziskind et al., 1995 ; Phares et al, 2000). Despite of these investigations, the knowledge is still in an elementary stage when we consider the reentrainment of particles from a polydisperse particle deposit. The objective of this work is to contribute to the understanding and quantification of the main factors that govern the particle reentrainment from a polydisperse particle deposit. Several factors like exposure period or related to the incoming airflow, the powder deposit and the environment have been investigated. Due to the multiple factors to be studied, the planning of the experiments have been conducted using the design of experiments strategy.