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Coaxial atomization : influence of the gas jet density on the liquid core characteristics.



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E. Porcheron, L. Prevost, J.L Carreau, F. Roger, 16 ème annual conference on liquid atomization and spray systems, 11-13 september 2000, Darmstadt (Deutchland).


This work deals with the effect of the injected gas density on the characteristics of the liquid core of spray generated by liquid-gas coaxial nozzles like thus used for cryogenic rocket propulsion. The study was conducted at atmospheric pressure with liquid oxygen / inert gas on the ONERA MASCOTTE test bench and with water/air in our laboratory. For a constant momentum ratio J between the gas and the liquid it is shown here that the increase of the coaxial gas jet density produce an intensification of the prima ry liquid jet atomization. An interpretation of this phenomenon is proposed and a correlation of the liquid core length based on liquid presence probability measurements is established.