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Intercomparison exercise of calibration facilities for radon gas activity concentration.



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A. Röttger, A. Honig, G. Butterweck, Ch. Schuler, V. Schmidt, H. Buchröder, A. Rox, J.C. H. Miles, I. Burian, N. Michielsen, V. Voisin, F.J. Maringer, A. Vargas, Natural Radiation Environment, NRE VII, 20-24/05/2002, Rhodes (Greece).


International intercalibration and intercomparison exercises are used as an important tool to provide confidence in the capability of national metrology institutes and calibration laboratories. The quality systels of national institutes provide the basis for running intercomparisons, in our case, in the field of the radon activity concentration in air. Interchange of an electronic radon measuring instrument (intercomparison device) which demonstrated ruggedness during shipping in the past, was considered a convenient means for a relative comparison of radon reference atmospheres. 9 institutes from 7 countries calibrated the intercomparison device according to their quality system at three different activity concentrations : 1 k Bq/m3, 3 kBq/m3, and 10 kBq/m3. The results agreed within 5% mainly. This is a first step in establishing this intercomparison of the radon activity concentration within the scope of Euromet and reaching the quality of a BIPM (Bureau international des poids et mesures) key comprison later. This work has been done with the collaboration of the Physikalisch Technische Bundesanstalt (Germany), The Paul Sherrer Institute (Switzerland), The Bundesamt für Strahlenschutz (Germany), The Materialprüfungsamt (Germany), The National Radiological Protection Board (UK), SUJCHBO (Czech Republic), The ARC Seibersdorf Research Gmbh (Austria), and the Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya (Spain).