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Scaling of water sprays produced by flat-fan "hydroshield" nozzle.



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J. Malet, R. Patricio, JM Buchlin, ILASS 2000 (European annual conference of the institute of liquid atomization and spray systems), 11-13 september 2000, Darmstadt (Deutchland).

Type de document > *Congrès/colloque

Mots clés > physique des aérosols, aérosols-physique

Unité de recherche > Laboratoire de physique et de métrologie des aérosols et du confinement (LPMAC)

Auteurs > [et al.], MALET Jeanne

Date de publication > 11/09/2000


The paper presents an experimental study of hydrodynamic characteristics of hydroshield sprays. The latter are produced by a particular kind of nozzle leading to some difficulties in modelling the hydrodynamics of this spray. This work is of particular interest since hydroshield nozzles are used by industrial companies as liquid curtains to mitigate the consequence of accidental releases of toxic and/or flammable gases. This paper presents the experimental methodology that has been used in order to obtain an experimental database and the modelling that leads to dimensionless empirical correlations. The latter can be used to calculated the hydrodynamic characteristics of the generated spray using the geometrical and operating parameters of the nozzle.