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The electric charging of aerosols in high ionized atmosphere.



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F. Gensdarmes, D. Boulaud, A. Renoux, 15 th international conference on nucleation and atmospheric aerosols, 6-11 august 2000, Rolla,Missouri, USA.


Our interest is the knowledge of electrical properties of aerosols in high ionized atmosphere, which could arise from hypothetical accident in nuclear power plant. Ionic properties are important in order to model correctly the aerosol charge distribution in such atmosphere. Consequently we have developed an experimental device which allows us to produce high ionic bipolar concentrations, up to 10 14 m -3 with 60 Co sources, and to measure both aerosol charge distribution and ions properties. Experimental results show that the aerosol charge distribution is negative, according to ions properties measurements and Clement and Harrison expression. For 0.3 µm latex particles the mean charge is -0.6e for ionic concentrations around 10 12 m -3 . The mean charge is reduce to -0.2e in very high ionized atmosphere, when ions concentrations reach 10 14 m -3 . In such case ions mobilities are lower and tend toward equal value, which leads to a reduction of charge asymmetry.