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A tentative guide to the expression of uncertainties for the evaluation of critical experiments



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G. Poullot, J. Anno, D. Doutriaux, ICSBEP 2000, 26-30/06/2000, St-Petersbourg (Russia).

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Date de publication > 26/06/2000


Recent ICSBEP meetings have shown the concern of the working group for uncertainties in reevaluated experiments. When using a reevaluation reported in the ICSBEP Handbook, the reader can encounter problems of different types: - he mixing of uncertainties on physical parameters either coming from a large number of measurements or given as tolerances, - the lack of information about the level of confidence and degrees of freedom corresponding to reported uncertainties, - inconsistencies in the reported level of confidence (corresponding to 1, 2 or 3 s) between the different uncertainties taken into account, - when the uncertainty on a physical parameter is converted in reactivity equivalent uncertainty, the total experimental uncertainty is given without mentioning the level of confidence.