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Development and comparison of Monte Carlo techniques implemented in the MORET 4 code for the calculation of loosely coupled systems.



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J. Miss, O. Jacquet, A. Nouri, MC 2000, 23-26 october 2000, Lisbonne (Portugal).

Type de document > *Congrès/colloque

Mots clés > criticité, code de calcul, criticité

Unité de recherche > IRSN/DSU/SEC

Auteurs > [et al.], JACQUET Olivier, MISS Joachim

Date de publication > 26/10/2000


The performances of the Monte Carlo method and the easiness of its use enable to calculate more and more complex con figurations.In some cases,when there is little coupling of neutrons be ween the different fissile media of the system,a careful check of neutron simulation is needed.Within the framework of nuclear criticality, the use of the curren codes and the reliabilityof their results suffer restrictions.In fact,as was stressed byWhitesides in a famous article [1 ],the calculated keff becomes erroneous under certain circumstances (often under-estimating the reactivityof the system).In this paper,one shows some aspects of the di fficulty encountered when calculating weaklycoupled systems.New developments have been performed in the MORET4 code [2 ]to improve the calculation of keff in geometries including such weakly coupled fissile units.