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Evaluation of nuclear criticality safety data and limits for actinides in transport - Final Report



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C. Lavarenne-IRSN/DSU/SEC, D.Mennerdhal-EMS (Suède), C. Dean-SERCO (UK) Rapport Final – Evaluation des paramètres critiques relatifs aux actinides et des limites de masses exceptées pour le transport de ces actinides - C4/TMR2001/200-1

Type de document > *Rapport/contribution à GT (papier ou CD-Rom)

Mots clés > criticité, actinides, criticité, transport

Unité de recherche > IRSN/DSU/SEC

Auteurs > LAVARENNE Caroline

Date de publication > 21/04/2004


This final report gives the results of the project including the data of the interim report and the work achieved in the last phases of the project. First, the report gives a preliminary list of actinide nuclides that should be introduced in the regulations of the transport of radioactive materials, considering their potential effect onreactivity. Secondly, as many of those actinide nuclides are supposed to be transported in very small quantities, a rule to except them from the fissile requirements was set. This rule is based on calculations for Normal and Accidental Conditions of Transport and takes into account: different parameters that may have an influence on reactivity (like reflectors or moderators) and some safety factors to include the discrepancies between the results obtained by the participants (IRSN, EMS and SERCO).