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Fission Products Experimental Programme: Validation and Computational Analysis



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Titre de la revue : Nuclear Science and Engineering
Volume : 161
N° : 2
Pagination : 188-215
Date de publication : 01/02/2009


The paper describes Fission Products (FP) experimental programme that was designed at IRSN and performed from 1998 to 2004 at the Valduc research facility (CEA, France) with support of AREVA NC and IRSN, as a part of French programme on a technical basis development for burnup credit. The experiments were performed with the following six key fission products encountered in solution either individually or as mixtures: 103Rh, 133Cs, 143Nd, 149Sm, 152Sm and 155Gd. The programme aims at compensation for the lack of critical experiments involving fission products and establishment of a basis for fission products burnup credit validation. 145 critical experiments have been evaluated and the results analyzed with French CRISTAL criticality safety package and American SCALE5.1 code system using different cross-section libraries. This paper provides description of the experimental programme, approach and some results of its evaluation, computed eigenvalues and their sensitivities to concentration of major actinides and fission products.