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Towards a knowledge oriented system for information management in nuclear criticality safety.



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J. Anno, V. Rouyer, 6th international conference on nuclear criticality safety - ICNC'99, 20-24 september 1999, Versailles, France.

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Unité de recherche > IRSN/DSU/SEC

Auteurs > ROUYER Véronique

Date de publication > 20/09/1999


IPSN has accumulated the largest and most various quantity of information on criticality safety in France. Its information system size is always increasing. Therefore, it is constantly used for several purposes such as engineering, research and knowledge transmission to other French organisations dealing with criticality safety. All these “uses” of the information system require finding different types of information among a huge, roughly structured mass of information available. The scientific and technical information division (DIST) of the CEA has developed its own method for knowledge management and has leaded a project to capitalize expertises in criticality safety at IPSN. This paper describes the use of this modeling to design a hypermedia system of information access based on criticality safety knowledge diagrams.