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Un environnement de calcul distribué versatile pour la modélisation paramétrique de criticité



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Titre du congrès :ICNC 2007 Ville du congrès :Saint-Petersbourg Date du congrès :28/05/2007


Decades of development effort on criticality codes lead to produce industrial compliant tools, so criticality modeling has now reached industrial-wide usage. Both accuracy, speed and stability of criticality codes were improved so greatly, that an increasing proportion of criticality calculations are now appreciated as common engineering tool. Even if criticality safety expertise (and its scientific components) remains at stake in nuclear industry, obviously most of criticality calculations are focused on engineering issues now. And criticality packages are expected to follow this trend.
Besides, in order to fit its customer needs, CRISTAL criticality package aims at making the most of new computing capacities (on both office desktop and servers) to improve modeling efficiency in terms of parametric range and usability. The productivity gained due to codes
efficiency is then used to carry out criticality improvements, by expanding modeling possibilities.
Firstly, the new integrated modeling environment PROMETHEE (website) is presented in this paper through resolution of some computing issues. Then, an original porting of CRISTAL standard codes to Microsoft Windows platform is proposed to soften computing constraints, and thus, optimizing PROMETHEE benefits.