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Variation of inflammatory mediators during fractionated y-radiation in the colonic mucosa of the rat.



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 O. Grémy; C. Linard; M. Benderitter. immunology 2004, pp 151-155.

Type de document > *Article de revue

Mots clés > radiothérapie

Unité de recherche > IRSN

Auteurs > BENDERITTER Marc, GREMY Olivier, LINARD Christine

Date de publication > 01/12/2004


  Inflammatory process probably plays an initial role in the severe complaints of the small bowel during abdominal radiotherapy. On this basis, a kinetic expression of molecular signals, which orchestrate most aspects of inflammatory response including the recruitment of inflammatory cells, was analyzed by real-time PCR 24 hours after 20Gy and 45Gy cumulated-dose of irradiation in the colon mucosa of rat. An imbalance of the pro/anti -inflammatory mediators with an IL-1b, CINC and MCP‑1 expression increase and a drastic depression of IL-10, PPAR-α level was observed at 20Gy cumulated dose. This imbalance remained at 45Gy cumulated-dose and contributes to the neutrophils recruitment. Early molecular events occur after abdominal radiotherapy.