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226Ra and 228Ra activities in French foodstuffs



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​Radioprotection / Volume 50, n° 2, pages 111-115, avril-juin  2015

Type de document > *Article de revue

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Auteurs > RENAUD Philippe, ROUSSEL-DEBET Sylvie, POURCELOT Laurent, GURRIARAN Rodolfo

Date de publication > 19/03/2015


​The activities of 228Ac and 214Bi in French foodstuffs acquired during the last 15 years allow one to obtain reference values of 228Ra and 226Ra activities which are usable to assess the dose to the French population due to the intake of these two natural radionuclides. As expected, because of similar 238U and 232Th activities in French soils (around 40, the 226Ra/228Ra activity ratio in French terrestrial foodstuffs is close to 1. Most kinds of foodstuffs present similar mean activities: from 0.1 to 0.2 fresh for cereals, leafy vegetables, root vegetables, eggs and fishes (marine and freshwater). The activity in fruits is lower, around 0.05, similar to that of meat calculated on the basis of the numerous grass measurement results. The lowest activities are noticeable for milk: around 0.015 Bq.L-1. All these values are in good agreement with the data from various countries, but most often 2 to 3 times higher than the reference values proposed by UNSCEAR. This study also shows that due to the large variability of foodstuff activities reported by a large amount of data, it is not possible to distinguish the activities of samples from regions with a gap of only a factor of 2 between their soil activities.