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Effective flow surface of porous materials with two populations of voids under internal pressure: II. full-field simulations



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​International Journal of Plasticity / Volume 56, pages 74-98, mai 2014

Type de document > *Article de revue

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Unité de recherche > Laboratoire de micromécanique et intégrité des structures (Mist)

Auteurs > VINCENT Pierre-Guy, SUQUET Pierre, MONERIE Yann, MOULINEC Hervé

Date de publication > 01/05/2014


​This study is devoted to the effective plastic flow surface of a bi-porous material saturated by a fluid. Highly irradiated uranium dioxide is a typical example of such a material. In part I of this study, a GTN-type approximation of the effective plastic flow surface has been derived. In this second part, the predictions of this new model are compared with full-field numerical simulations performed with a numerical method based on Fast Fourier Transforms. This method is successfully applied to voided materials with a Gurson matrix where the voids are subjected to internal pressure. Different microstructures containing a large number of spherical or ellipsoidal voids are investigated. The deviation from isotropy of their mechanical response is measured by a new criterion.