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Embrittlement of pre-hydrided Zircaloy-4 by steam oxidation under simulated LOCA transients



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​Journal of Nuclear Materials / Volume 469, pages 20-31, février 2016

Type de document > *Article de revue

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Unité de recherche > IRSN/PSN-RES/SEREX/LE2M

Auteurs > DESQUINES Jean, DROUAN Doris, GUILBERT Séverine, LACOTE Pauline

Date de publication > 01/02/2016


​During a Loss Of Coolant Accident (LOCA), the mechanical behavior of high temperature steam oxidized fuel rods is an important issue. In this study, as-received and pre-hydrided axial tensile samples were steam oxidized in a vertical furnace and water quenched in order to simulate a LOCA transient. The samples were then subjected to a mechanical test to determine the failure conditions. Two different rupture modes were evidenced; the first one associated to linear elastic fracture mechanics and the second one is associated to sample failure without applied load. The oxidized cladding fracture toughness was determined relying on intensive metallographic analysis. The sample failure conditions were then back predicted confirming that the main rupture parameters are well captured.