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Experimental facility

GALAXIE experimental plateform

GALAXIE gathers several experimental facilities of various sizes located on site at Cadarache. They enable to conduct experimental research with the aim of improving fire safety in nuclear facilities.




Ventilation and airborne contamination fire device


Diva.jpgThis facility is dedicated to carrying out tests on fire capable of occurring in laboratories, plants and pressurised water reactors.

The facility includes three 120 m3 rooms, a 150 m3 corridor, a 170 m3 upstairs room and several ventilation systems. The facility also includes a considerable range of instrumentation ( with up to 800 measuring channels). The facility's engineered structures made of reinforced concrete and its equipment are designed to resist gas pressures ranging from -100 hPa to +520 hPA. Leaks between rooms can be ajusted as can the ventilation configurations in order to study fires in conditions calling into play several confined and ventilated rooms.




Device and hood designed to study medium-scale fires (2,000 m3)


Saturne.jpgThis device is designed to study the combustion of medium-scale fires (e.g. An electrical cabinet fire). It is composed of a ventilation hood and a system used to measure and filter gases produced by the fire. Its intrumentation is particularly used to determine the instantaneous intensity of the fire. The capacity of the hood and the related ventilation system (max. flow of 20,000 m3/hr) make it possible to study fires capable of reaching an intensity of approximately 1 MW.

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