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Research units

Hydrogeology, Flood, Meteorological and Geotechnical Risk Assessment Section (BEHRIG)

Last update on September 2019

Hydrogeology, Flood, Meteorological and Geotechnical Risk Assessment Section (BEHRIG) is located in Fontenay-aux-Roses, in the Paris region. The Section carries out studies and research activities in support of expertise on the topics of flood and climate hazards.




Background and research themes


The missions of the BEHRIG include:   

  • Hazards assessment at the origin of risks of flood or low water levels, of geotechnical and meteorological hazards, within the framework of the expertise provided by nuclear installation safety dossiers,
  • Contributions to the development of technical guides and references in the field of flood, meteorological and geotechnical risks on behalf of the public authorities and, where appropriate, on behalf of other French or foreign organizations.

Within the general framework of its missions, the BEHRIG defines and participates in studies and research activities that meet the requirements of experts in the field.

Research topics

Statistical evaluation of extreme hydrometeorological hazards


The aim is to develop statistical extrapolation tools and methods of calculation to assist in answering questions arising in the evaluation of extreme events, posed in the development of expertise on flood and climate hazards (treatment of highly exceptional events, integration of historical information, taking climate change into account, the interdependence of phenomena etc.).



  • To better understand and characterize meteorological mechanisms at the origin of extreme situations,
  • To develop alternative statistical tools and methods to the renewal method historically used in nuclear expertise (block maxima method, Bayesian approaches, multivariate approaches),
  • To develop means of collecting and analyzing historical information for storms and flood events,
  • To take into account uncertainties related to the impact of climate change on hydrometeorological extremes.


RENEXT code (R)

Historical storms and floodings database



Contribution of historical information. Examples of work carried out at the BEHRIG. © IRSN


The development of integrated approaches and means of calculation of flood hazards

The aim is to develop the BEHRIG's expertise in the hydraulic modeling implemented for the evaluation of flood hazards.

The work carried out within this framework aims to develop expertise on the uncertainties associated with these modeling methods, through studies on pilot sites, and to propose new practices that improve the way uncertainties are taken into account (use of high resolution topographic data, etc.).

It also aims to propagate uncertainties in hydraulic modeling studies, carry out global sensitivity analysis and define appropriate study methodologies (guidelines and good practices).


  • To develop appropriate study practices for the treatment of uncertainties in the modeling of extreme events,
  • To improve the treatment of combinations between dependent and independent phenomena,
  • To develop a probabilistic approach to flood hazards.


Example of work carried out at BEHRIG on some French rivers, seas and in the urban environment ©IRSN

Section team


Claire-Marie Duluc, Section Manager
Charles Meurville, deputy to the Section manager
Vito Bacchi, researcher engineer
Lise Bardet, researcher engineer
Amine Ben Daoued, PhD student (2016–2019)
Nathalie Bertrand, researcher engineer
Hugues Delattre, PhD student (2018–2021)
Nathalie Giloy, researcher engineer (service provider)
Yasser Hamdi, researcher
Denis Moiriat, engineer
Claire Petter, engineer
Lucie Pheulpin, postdoctoral research fellow (2018–2020)

Partnerships and research networks

  • Collaboration with the Port authority of Bordeaux


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