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Theses in progress

Developing strategies for selecting accelerometer signals for calculating the behavior of structures

Host laboratory: ​​Seismic risk assessment section (BERSSIN)

Beginning of the thesis: October 2014

Student name: Levent Isbiliroglu

Subject description

The main goal of the thesis is to quantify the effects of different input ground motions (GMs) on the nonlinear structural response. Nonlinear dynamic analysis is important to understand the hierarchy of failures, the quantification of energy absorption, and the seismic behavior of structures. While the nonlinear analysis is very sensitive to the selected input GM, research studies bridging between seismology and structural engineering have recently emerged for the ultimate goal of guiding engineering community.

Input GMs will be selected from real and synthetic data. Real data will be issued from the existing worldwide database following a conditionnal mean spectrum procedure. Synthetic waveforms will be generated by using several techniques spanning from the pure stochastic to hybrid (seismic-source based) methods. The differents families of waveforms will be characterized in terms of intensity measures (IM), energy content and time/frequency analysis. In addition, the near-source effects will be investigated. Then, the signals will be inputted in several non-linear structural models, and structural demand indicators (i.e., structural drift) will be measured. The best strategy for signal selection will be determined based on the determination of median response, the assessment of vulnerability curve, and the evaluation of the failure probability.


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