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IRSN renews cooperation agreement with ENEA


 Jean-Christophe Niel, Director-General of IRSN, and Federico Testa, President of the Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development (ENEA), have signed the cooperation agreement on nuclear safety radiation protection between the two organizations for five years.


Photo: J.-C. Niel -on the left- and F. Testa are signing the cooperation agreement. © IRSN


This agreement, first signed during the Franco-Italian Summit on 9 April 2010, was originally devoted to provide a framework for cooperation between France and Italy in the nuclear sector, and more particularly in the areas of research, nuclear safety and radiation protection. This came under the broader Memorandum of Understanding between France and Italy on cooperation in the civil nuclear sector signed in 2009.


The renewal of the agreement between IRSN and ENEA consolidates this cooperation, with the systematic objective of improving safety of nuclear facilities. To this end, the two organizations have identified a number of "specific subjects for cooperation" they share an interest for and they intend to work together. These subjects include R&D on nuclear fusion, the development of Monte-Carlo codes, emergency response management and passive safety. Over the last seven years, in addition to the use of shared tools (computational codes, research platform, etc.), their cooperation has also helped strengthen both partners' role within the European research platforms and the Etson network.


In the incoming years, IRSN and ENEA will pursue work on several subjects of particular interest within the framework of this agreement, for example, extending the lifetime of nuclear power plants, the future commissioning of the EPR and responses to the Fukushima accident in terms of radiation protection and site cleanup.


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Read the IRSN press release of 9 April 2010



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