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LRTE publications

The 10 main publications recently issued, patents and theses

The 10 main publications recently issued


  • J Invest Dermatol. 2009 May; 129(5):1280-91. Holler V, Buard V, Gaugler MH, Guipaud O, Baudelin C, Sache A, Perez Mdel R, Squiban C, Tamarat R, Milliat F, Benderitter M. Pravastatin limits radiation-induced vascular dysfunction in the skin.


  • Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol. 2009 Apr;29(4):503-10. Ebrahimian TG, Pouzoulet F, Squiban C, Buard V, André M, Cousin B, Gourmelon P, Benderitter M, Casteilla L, Tamarat R. Cell therapy based on adipose tissue-derived stromal cells promotes physiological and pathological wound healing.


  • Am J Pathol. 2008 Mar; 172(3):691-701. Milliat F, Sabourin JC, Tarlet G, Holler V, Deutsch E, Buard V, Tamarat R, Atfi A, Benderitter M, François A. Essential role of plasminogen activator inhibitor type-1 in radiation enteropathy.


  • PLoS One. 2008 Aug 20; 3(8):e3000. Morel E, Fouquet S, Strup-Perrot C, Pichol Thievend C, Petit C, Loew D, Faussat AM, Yvernault L, Pinçon-Raymond M, Chambaz J, Rousset M, Thenet S, Clair C. The cellular prion protein PrP(c) is involved in the proliferation of epithelial cells and in the distribution of junction-associated proteins.










  • Use of the cellular fractions of adipose tissue for post-irradiation tissue regeneration. French patent No. 06 05190 dated June, 12, 2006.


  • Diagnostic and prognostic aid device for physio-pathological tissue modifications. French patent No. 07 54570 filed April 19, 2007.





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Analyse en composantes principales des mesures physiques effectuées sur un porc irradié localement à 40 Gy. Les points rouges correspondents aux mesures effectuées dans la zone irradiée et les points bleus aux mesures effectuées dans la zone non irradiée. La discrimination entre la zone saine et la zone irradiée apparaît à partir de J58, avant l'apparition des premiers signes cliniques à J69.

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