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Transports and Fuel Cycle Facilities Safety Department (SSTC)

The Transportation and Fuel Cycle Facility Safety Department (SSTC) is responsible for carrying out all of the technical measures to assess the safety of the modes of transport of radioactive materials and the safety of nuclear fuel cycle facilities:

  • conversion plants, 
  •  enrichment, 
  •  fuel manufacturing, 
  •  reprocessing and processing, 
  •  the interim storage of associated materials, effluents and waste,from creation to decommissioning

It therefore has the following duties:

  • to prepare the corresponding expert reports presented by the IRSN to standing groups of experts and relevant safety committees, particularly at the various stages at which these facilities and transportation operations come under regulatory examination;
  • to provide safety expertise assessments for the global management of waste produced by cycle operators as well as the overall coherence of cycle management for fuels used by EDF with regard to cycle and waste facility safety;
  • to provide expertise in radioactive waste and material long-term storage facility projects;
  • to monitor, with regard to safety, the design, construction, commissioning tests, operating and decommissioning of facilities which fall within its remit as well as to analyse incidents which occur in these facilities at these various stages;
  • to monitor the design, production, commissioning tests and use of packages and transportation systems as well as to analyse incidents which occur at the time radioactive material is transported;
  • to draw relevant lessons for the area of safety and to put forward any measures which it considers to be useful in light of these lessons.
  • Basic nuclear facility projects which correspond to this area of activity also fall within the department's remit.
  • The department, on behalf of the IRSN's Directorate for nuclear defence expertise (DEND), also provides safety expertise for the transportation of radioactive material of interest to defense and basic nuclear facilities classified as secret (INB-S) in Marcoule and Pierrelatte.

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Transports and Fuel Cycle Facilities Safety Department

BP 17
92262 Fontenay-aux-Roses
Cédex France


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