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Research units

Analysis and Experimental Resources Laboratory (LAME)

The Analysis and Experimental Facilities Laboratory (LAME) is situated in Fontenay-aux-Roses, near Paris. It is managed by Sylvain Bassot.






Context and research themes


The LAME's main research theme is "deep geological disposal".



Research axes


The missions of the LAME are as follows:

  • Acquisition, management, and maintenance, in compliance with regulatory requirements and the procedures laid down by IRSN, of the analytical and experimental resources of the Geosphere-related Risk Analysis Department (SARG) used on the Fontenay-aux-Roses site. It also ensures the maintenance of the installation that houses them, 
  • Supporting the LR2S for the management and maintenance of analytical and experimental resources deployed at the Tournemire experimental station and on the Chernobyl pilot site. It can also assist Berssin with the seismological and geodesic networks,
  • Contributing to defining and implementing experimental protocols in response to requests from LR2S and BRN or other SARG offices and laboratories,
  • Carrying out measurements for the physical, radiological, and chemical characterization of soils, rocks, and waters on behalf of LR2S and BRN, or other SARG offices and, where appropriate, other entities inside or outside the IRSN,
  • Development and testing of physical, radiological and chemical characterization methods for soils, rocks and waters,
  • Participation in the metrology network coordinated by the Environmental Sample Processing and Metrology Department (Steme) and the comparison exercises it organizes,
  • In addition to the above missions, whenever necessary LAME assists with the activities of the other Sarg and, more generally, IRSN units in the field of metrology. In this capacity, it may be associated with the studies and expert assessments for which the laboratories and offices concerned are responsible.



Specialties and researchers


Sylvain Bassot, head of laboratory

Gilles Alcalde, technician

Olivier Diez, technician

Faustine Furlan, technician

Anthony Julien, technician

Aurélie Ritt, engineer

Nicolas Tharaud, technician



Facilities and techniques


The LAME laboratory has a monitored zone facility including an ICPE (classified installation for the protection of the environment), which enables the handling of radionuclides (HTO, 90Sr, 137Cs, 125I, 226Ra, etc.) and the use of radioactive sources. The laboratory is equipped with chromatographic equipment (study of column migration under saturated conditions) and a gammametric test bench (column migration under unsaturated conditions).


The laboratory has analytical resources:


  • Characterisation of soils: laser granulometry, specific surface measurements, optical microscopy and SEM coupled with energy dispersive spectrometry (EDS) or wavelength dispersive spectrometry (WDS).
  • Characterisation of solutions: atomic absorption spectrometry, ion chromatography, ICP-MS, spectrophotometry.
  • Radiological characterisation of solids and solutions: gamma spectrometry, liquid scintillation, emanometry (radium measurement).
  • Preparation of solid samples (thin sections, resin encapsulation, polishing, etc.) for observation and quantification.
  • Temperature controlled ovens, agitators, baths and cabinets, pH meters

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Experimental garden near Chernobyl.




Analysis and Experimental Resources Laboratory
BP 17
92262 - Fontenay aux Roses cedex
By phone : +33 (0)1 58 35 90 75


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