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Research Units

Experimental Equipment Development Laboratory (LR2E)


The Laboratory for Production of Experimental Equipment is located at Cadarache, in the Bouches du Rhône department. It is headed by Christophe Marquié.






Context and research themes


LR2E has a general mission covering the design, development, qualification and production of:

  • Instrumented test devices, with their measurement systems, used for experiments in the Cabri reactor, the experimental installations of the DPAM and installations in France (RJH, etc.) and, where applicable, the installations abroad to which the IRSN has access;
  • Specific measurement systems, on request from the experimenters
  • Creation or modification of circuits, components or systems  intended for experiments.



Research axes


The laboratory takes charge of putting this equipment into service in the installations or helps to do so in collaboration with the experimenters.


LR2E is also in charge of design office and technical document archiving activities. It updates knowledge of the Cabri installation operated by CEA, with the aim of performing future experiments.
Within the framework of exploiting its skills, LR2E provides assistance or engineering services to all ordering entities in charge of experimental programs or assessment in the fields of sensor development and design of test devices.



Specialties and researchers



Quentin Grando, head of laboratory


Frédéric Bonnet, engineer

Sébastien Desmarest, ingénieur-chercheur

Stéphane Eymery, engineer

Hyacinthe Gilles, engineer
Phoëdon Michailides, engineer

Michel Pradier, engineer


Frederic Bonnet, business manager test devices engineering

Sébastien Carnemolla, business manager

Romain Garrigue, business manager

Eric MaGlica, business manager test devices engineering


Thomas Albertini, technician

Benoit Bruyère, technician


Alain Purkart, industrial draughtsman


Matthieu Daury, apprentice

William Kost, apprentice

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Quentin Grando, head of laboratory



Experimental Equipment Development Laboratory

BP 3
13115 Saint Paul Lez Durance cedex


By phone : +33 (0)4 42 19 96 03


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