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From the outset, Eurados has been funded by the European Commission under its successive Framework Programmes (FP). During the initial period, lasting more than ten years, the network received general support which then gradually changed to support of selected activities. Independently of the type of support, the EC contributed between €50 000 and €70 000 a year, which was mostly used to cover a significant part of travel and subsistence costs. The main resource needed to run the network, however, came from indirect support provided by the members in terms of labour costs for their scientists, who contributed to the work within WGs, and to manage the network. A rough estimate shows that this type of support amounted to at least €500 000 a year. In addition, a significant percentage of travel and subsistence costs were covered directly by member institutions. In summary, only a small percentage of about 10% of the costs was covered by the EC.


Pending for the final conclusions of Eurados Council regarding the prospects of a sustainable network focused on ionising radiation dosimetry, 3 kinds of resources are distinguished:

  • Resources needed for operation of the network, including its management and administration and the basic support of 2-3 working groups to initiate self-supporting activities. Theses financial needs are currently estimated at about €25 000, based on the experience of the last 3 years.
  • Possible resources needed to finance a part-time position for administrative support. Based on the support of Technical University of Delft which has dealt with the accounts for Eurados from it was founded up to 2007, these financial needs may amount to additional €15 000.
  • Resources to fund specific working group activities.


Network operation is currently funded by:

  • a levy from the Eurados Annual Meeting fee of up to €150 per participant; 
  • (voluntary) sponsorship of Eurados activities through a sum of at least €1000 per year.


This support amounts to about €20 000, and there are currently up to 14 sponsors. However, improvement in the sponsorship programme should cover initial financial needs.


In addition to this permanent financial support, activities need to be initiated in the working areas covered by Eurados. Examples are projects funded by the EC (DG-RTD, DG-TREN), the organisation of intercomparison exercises and training activities. These activities should be self-supporting and need to include a reasonable amount for coordination by Eurados. Two projects in particular are currently in progress: 

  • the Conrad Coordination Action, “A Coordinated network for radiation dosimetry”, carried out with EC/DG RTD under FP6 (Brussels, 2005-2008, budget ~ €300K for 36 months) – research activities of four working groups respectively on Computational dosimetry, Internal dosimetry, Complex mixed radiation fields in the workplace and Radiation protection dosimetry in medicine. 
  • the EU-Trimer Service contract, “Establishment of European technical recommendations for monitoring individuals exposed to external radiation”, carried out with EC/DG TREN (Luxemburg, 2007-2009, budget ~€180K for 24 months) – WG2 expertise activities.


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