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The IRSN's research collaborations within France

Last update on 29th November 2012

The IRSN has developed two methods of cooperation in France depending on the type of partner - sector-based industries or academic bodies.


With industrial partners

With its industrial partners, the research primarily takes the form of multi-party programmes, the aims of which are of high economic and strategic importance for the nuclear industry. These programmes all have either a nuclear safety or radiation protection theme. The benefits of this approach are that it leads to well-informed dialogue into safety requirements, on the one hand, and the essential need for efficiency and technological progress on the other.

The IRSN has signed agreements or research partnerships, in particular with Areva, EDF, Suez, Lafarge, Total, Thermodata.



With academic and research partners

With the academic sector the IRSN has forged several long-term partnerships illustrating the synergies between it and its scientific collaborators. The nature of these partnerships varies: much shared work is being conducted with laboratories; 20-30 new PhD students join the Institute every year; 2000 hours of teaching are given by IRSN employees to partner companies.






The most structured form of collaboration is the shared laboratory. Three have been set up with the CNRS and some universities.


In addition, the IRSN has been involved in the creation of the research and teaching chair dedicated to the organisational and human aspects of sub-contracting and co-contracting relationships (RESOH) at the École des Mines de Nantes.


The IRSN plays an active role in research groups and cross-disciplinary structures, such as:



In addition, the IRSN participates in national alliances in fields related to its research activities, primarily ANCRE, AVIESAN et ALLENVI, in particular to ensure coherence between the various positions created at national and European level.

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