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European expert network for the reduction of uncertainties in severe accident safety issues (EURSAFE)

D. Magallona,p, A. Mailliatb, J.-M. Seilerc, K. Atkhend, H. Sjövalle, S. Dickinsonf,
J. Jakabg, L. Meyerh, M. Buergeri, K. Trambauerj, L. Fickertk, B. Raj Sehgall,
Z. Hozerm, J. Baguesn, F. Martin-Fuenteso, R. Zeyenp, A. Annunziatop,
M. El-Shanawanyq, S. Guentayr, C. Tinklers, B. Turlandt, L.E. Herranz Pueblau

Nuclear Engineering and Design 235 (2005) 309–346

Document type > *Article de revue

Keywords > EURSAFE project, Framework programme, phenomena identification ranking table (PIRT), severe accident

Research Unit > IRSN/DPAM

Authors >

Publication Date > 10/11/2003


EURSAFE thematic network was a concerted action in the sixth framework programme of the European Commission. It established a large consensus among the main actors in nuclear safety on the severe accident issues where large uncertaintiesstill subsist. The conclusions were derived from a first-of-kind phenomena identification and ranking tables (PIRT) on all aspects of severe accident also realised in the frame of the project. Starting from a list of all severe accident phenomena containing approximately 1000 entries and established by the twenty partner organisations, 106 phenomena were retained eventually as both important for safety and still lacking sufficient knowledge. Ultimately, 21 research areas for addressing these phenomena regrouped according to their similarities were identified. A networking structure for implementing and executing the necessary research was proposed, which promotes integration and harmonisation of the different national programmes. A severe accident database structure was proposed to ensure preservation of experimental data and enhanced communication for data exchange and use for severe accident codes assessment. The final product, named EURSAFE, is a website network,, connecting nodes located at partner sites. As the result of an action involving R&D governmental institutions, regulatory bodies, nuclear industry, utilities and universities from six EU Member States (Finland, France, Germany, Spain, Sweden, UK) plus JRC, three European third countries (Czech Republic, Hungary, Switzerland), and USA, EURSAFE represents a significant step towards harmonisation and credibility of the approaches, and resolution of the remaining severe accident issues.
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