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The newsletter "European research in radiological sciences"

Pascal Pihet,, Francesco d’Errico, Wolfgang Dorr3 Michael Gruenberger and Paul Schofield, Radiation Protection Dosimetry (2004), Vol 112, N°4, pp 531-533, doi: 10.1093/rpd/nch095.

Document type > *Article de revue

Keywords > dosimetry, radiological protection

Research Unit > IRSN/DRPH

Authors > PIHET Pascal

Publication Date > 01/12/2004


The Newsletter was created in 1996 within the framework of the project ‘Environmental and Occupational Dosimetry: An integrated approach to radiation protection covering radioecology, dosimetry and biological effects’. This concerted action was jointly carried out within the 4th Framework Programme (FP) of the European Commission by the three scientific organisations: European Late Effects Project Group (EULEP), European Radiation Dosimetry Group (EURADOS) and Union Internationale de Radioe´cologie (UIR). In 1999, EULEP and EURADOS proposed to continue and improve this publication under the name ‘European Research in Radiological Sciences’ (ERRS Newsletter) with the support of an accompanying measure carried out within the 5th FP. The ERRS Newsletter aims to disseminate information about the activities carried out, and the progress achieved, under the programme ‘EURATOM: Research and training in the field of nuclear energy’, in particular in the radiation protection area. Contributors, general, are radiation researchers and radiation protection specialists in the European Union, working as group convenors and project leaders. Although the Newsletter is improving the circulation of such information within this broad community of scientists, it is also meant for the European Commission, institutes and authorities of Member and Associated States, and other international bodies concerned with the key issues of radiological protection. The first Newsletter was issued in August 1997 as a booklet distributed to about 1200 correspondents. This booklet was published twice a year until 2002(1). In 2000, the ERRS Newsletter was implemented on the World Wide Web under the name ERRS Newsletter Online(2), designed primarily on a template based on the Newsletter booklet. In 2003, the ERRS Newsletter Online was transformed into an interactive site using a database entirely operated from the web, which has become the main tool for dissemination. Since then the booklet is reserved for special issues printed on request whereas the information in the Newsletter Online is accessible to a wider audience.

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