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Comparative review of FCI computer models used in SARNET

R. Meignen,
ERMSAR 2005, European Review Meeting on Severe Accident Research, Aix-en-Provence, November 14-16, 2005,
Rapport DSR 98

Document type > *Report/contribution to WG (paper or CD-Rom), *Congrès/colloque

Keywords > safety, modelling, SARNET project

Research Unit > IRSN/DSR/SAGR

Authors > MEIGNEN Renaud

Publication Date > 29/11/2005


Fuel Coolant Interaction is an important topic in nuclear safety analysis. Quite a long time ago now, it has been found that the most reliable way to describe the phenomenon and to provide results for the reactor situation was to built complex multidimensional computer models trying to describe as closely as possible the most important aspects of the interaction. One provides here a comparison of the level of modelling and functionality of those used in the SARNET community. The most elaborate codes currently developed and used within SARNET are MATTINA (FZK), IKEMIX/IDEMO (IKE), COMETA (JRC/KTH) and MC3D (IRSN/CEA). These codes have different histories, level of modellings and functionalities, as well as different physical assumptions. In addition, the ESE code is also under development at the IJS with the same objective but a particular emphasis on the numerical aspects. However, the level of functionality of ESE is still too low for practical use in reactor situations. Beside these codes, SIPHRA 3-D (KTH) has been developed with the different objective to simulate particular aspects of FCI involving interface phenomena (such as drop fragmentation). On the overall, these codes are all quite different but, within the SARNET framework, can be used in a complementary way to give more insight in the phenomena and its modelling.

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