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Compilation of presentations made at ICNC03

ICNC03, 20-24/10/03, Tokai Mura, Japon

Document type > *Congrès/colloque

Keywords > criticality, actinides, criticality, transport

Research Unit > IRSN/DSU/SEC

Authors > [collectif]

Publication Date > 17/03/2004


Topic 1 Standards and Methodology for Criticality Safety
- Selection of Exception Limits for All Actinide Nuclides Based on Revised Criteria for Safe International Transport Abstract_01
C. Lavarenne (IRSN, France) D. Mennerdahl (EMS, Sweden) C. Dean (SERCO, UK) N. Barton (Department for Transport, UK) V. Rouyer G. Sert (IRSN, France) F. Jean (APTUS, France)

-Isopiestic Density Law of Actinide Nitrates Applied for Criticality Calculations Abstract_02
N. Leclaire, J. Anno, G. Courtois, G. Poullot, V. Rouyer (IRSN, France)

- How Can a Potential Moderation and/or Reflexion of the Neutron between the Fuel Units be Modelled to Give the Maximum of the k-eff - No equivalence between a Water Layer and a Mist Abstract_03
C. Lavarenne (IRSN, France) A. Cossenet (Consort Technologies, France) N. Leclaire (IRSN, France)

Topic 2 Criticality and Subcriticality Experiments
-IRSN Projects for Critical Experiments “Low Moderated MOX Fuel Projects” and Others Abstract_04
V. Rouyer, I. Duhamel (IRSN, France) G. Poullot (Retired from IRSN, France) P. Cousinou (IRSN, France) F. Barbry, P. Fouillaud, E. Girault (CEA Valduc, France)

Topic 5 Development of Computer Codes

-MORET: Version 4.B. A Multigroup Monte Carlo Criticality Code Abstract_05
O. Jacquet, J. Miss, G. Courtois (IRSN, France)

-Validation of MORET 4 Perturbation against “Physical” Type Fission Products Experiments Abstract_06
J. Anno, O. Jacquet, J. Miss (IRSN, France)

-CRISTAL V1: Criticality Package for Burnup Credit Calculations Abstract_07
J.M.Gomit, P. Cousinou (IRSN, France) C. Diop, G. Fernandez de Grado (CEA, France) F. Gantenbein (IRSN, France) J.P. Grouiller (CEA, France) A. Marc (SGN, France) D. Mijuin (CEA, France) H. Toubon (COGEMA Vélizy, France)

-Synthesis on the Validation of the CRISTAL V0 Package Abstract_08
I. Duhamel, J.M. Gomit (IRSN, France) Y.K. Lee (CEA Saclay, France) C. Venard (CEA Cadarache, France)

Topic 7 Burnup Credit

-Current Studies Related to the Use of Burnup, Credit in France Abstract_09
J. Raby, C. Lavarenne (IRSN, France) A. Barreau (CEA Cadarache, France) P. Bioux (Electricité de France, France) M. Doucet (FRAMATOME ANP, France) E. Guillou (COGEMA, France) G. Leka (SGN, France) C. Riffard, B. Roque (CEA Cadarache, France) H. Toubon (COGEMA Vélizy, France)

-French Fission Products Experiments Performed in Cadarache and Valduc. Results Comparison. Abstract_10
J. Anno (IRSN, France) A. Barreau, J.P. Hudelot (CEA, France) E. Girault P. Fouillaud (Direction des Applications Militaires, France)

-Updated Rules for Mass Limitation in Nuclear Plants Abstract_011
V. Rouyer, X. Knemp, I. Le Bars, J. Rannou (IRSN, France) C. Weber (Nuclear Engineer Student at ENSPG, France)

CCAS - An Expert Working Group Revisits the Safety Files for the French Nuclear Safety Authority Abstract_012
L. Reverdy (CEA Saclay, France) F. Barbry (CEA Valduc, France) J.T. Battiston, J.M. Bordy (IRSN, France) A. Devita (MELOX, France) M. Doucet (FRAMATOME ANP, France) C. Ginisty (IRSN, France) A. Marc (SGN, France) V. Masse (CEA Saclay, France) R. Medioni (IRSN, France) D. Mijuin (CEA Saclay, France) V. Rouyer (IRSN, France)

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